Fast N' Loud

FAST N’ LOUD: Will Rehabed Stingray Score Big Bucks on Auction Block Tonight? (Video)

Fans of Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays and FAST N’ LOUD may have gotten their auction juices flowing this weekend, with the airing of the live BARRETT-JACKSON Palm Beach auction. The event aired on both Velocity Channel and Discovery, and for those who watched it, the event no doubt provided some jaw-dropping and eye-rolling moments, as … Read more

Misfit Garage, Tom Smith

MISFIT GARAGE: Will ‘Fired Up’ Welcome Scot Back Tonight on Motor Monday?

UPDATED: Read the Recap! It’s Motor Monday on Discovery! That means Gas Monkeys and Misfits, with all-new episodes of FAST N’ LOUD and MISFIT GARAGE. First, the FAST N’ LOUD head monkey is ready to try it at the auction once again. Fans have to know that Richard Rawlings, while he may be a tough … Read more

Motley Crue on Fast N Loud

FAST N’ LOUD: Motor Mondays Fans Ready to Rock with Motley Crue Tonight! (Video)

Fans of Discovery Channel’s hit series, FAST N’ LOUD, are becoming more and more accustomed to hearing about Richard Rawlings’ non-vehicle ventures almost as often as his car-related interests. However, tonight, the Gas Monkey Empire unveils a grand opening that truly is worthy of the “Fast ‘N Loud” moniker. Really loud. The Gas Monkeys are … Read more

Fast N' Loud

FAST N’ LOUD: Can ’34 Plymouth Take Sting Out of ’71 Challenger Flip Tonight? Video Preview!

Fans of Discovery Channel’s hit series FAST N’ LOUD know that the guys of Gas Monkey Garage don’t necessarily do things the way everyone else does them. So, it should have been no surprise when the Season Premiere featured an ambitious build—that may have been a bit TOO ambitious for Richard’s wallet. Everyone who is … Read more

New season of FAST N' LOUD on Discovery.

FAST N’ LOUD Preview: ‘Motor Mondays’ Fans Welcome Back Gas Monkeys Tonight! (Video)

Fans of Motor Mondays on Discovery Channel know that when the Gas Monkey Garage crew is in town, things get a whole lot crazier–so tonight, bring on the crazy! All-new episodes of FAST N’ LOUD begin tonight, with Richard Rawlings, Aaron Kaufman and the whole gang back with new finds, builds and, of course, problems. … Read more