The Willis Family, TLC

THE WILLIS FAMILY Is Singing Their Way onto TLC! (Video Preview)

“America’s Got Talent” fans may recall Brenda and Toby Willis, and all of their kids, who were suddenly at center stage, after making it to the final rounds of the popular talent series. Now, the family is on the road on TLC, with an all-new reality series, THE WILLIS FAMILY. As moms and dads everywhere … Read more

Bruce Jenner with daughter Kendall

Chrystie Scott, Bruce Jenner’s First Ex In ACCESS HOLLYWOOD Interview Exclusive

Another of Bruce Jenner’s ex-wives has spoken, this time with ACCESS HOLLYWOOD about Bruce, the interview and his announcement. In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Stephanie Bauer on the day after the “20/20 special aired, Chrystie Scott said she’s “so relieved” that Bruce chose to share his “deep dark secret”, which she had known about for … Read more

Theresa Caputo resplendent in black leather on "The Long Island Medium"

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Theresa Heals Hairdresser Frank in Special Reading

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM ran a one-hour special show and it was all readings without a running family issue for comic relief.  Strike that, there was comic relief and Theresa Caputo provided it. We got scenes cherry-picked from the miles of tape used to film LONG ISLAND MEDIUM that never made it into the half-hour format … Read more

Misfit Garage

MISFIT GARAGE: Will Scot Come Crawling Back to Fired Up Tonight?

Does anyone ever really leave in reality TV? Well, we’ll find out tonight on Discovery Channel’s Motor Monday hit, MISFIT GARAGE, if what is old is new again, when Scot and Austin arrive back at Fired Up … looking for a job? Scot has been nothing but an arrogant jerk since Fired Up Garage began. … Read more

Archie Panjabi

THE GOOD WIFE Recap: Kalinda’s Farewell Gift to Cary and Diane Is Lemond Bishop (VIDEO)

THE GOOD WIFE said goodbye to Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma during the episode “Deconstruction” and it was like a sneak attack. We had been tied up in the devastation of Alicia as she withdrew from the State’s Attorney race and then the almost comical misunderstanding between the law firm and Alicia over her return. … Read more